How I See It.

Society or/and our lives revolve around rules and regulations not between right and wrong. We are expected to follow what others say, and we do. In school we learn some useful stuff yes but a lot of it is bullshit. I’ve been told to be happy with what I have and i can frankly say I am but yet Im and probably yourself are filled with advertisements for new products about anything. Money, looks, and bitches are what make you awesome in todays world, it makes me upset but we all want that life style because with money you can basically do anything. I dont have the sense that God gave goats but we should try and set ourselfs higher, we are all destined for greatness in someway. Oh and all the quote pictures of, “I miss you” or “Come back, I love you your the only one for me” not every relationship is perfect and not every relationship will last, cry for a week look in the mirror and look past it. Is it hard? Yeah. I dont expect people to agree with me or even give two shits maybe just maybe im hoping that in the future something will change for the better but until then we can only do what we do or even change a little, i dont know.

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